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Becoming an MSP customer is a full partnership with us. This means we will treat your home as our own with delicacy and care.


The key to delivering our philosophy lies in working with you 'the customer' to ensure we meet your highest expectations of quality.


You will inherit and lean on our:

  1. Sourcing experience with the best materials for your home

  2. Domain Knowledge in the building trade

  3. Project planning, accommodating designs to fit your budget


The founder of MSP Renovations Marcel Christie career was launched in the social housing sector. His work primarily focused on delivering maintenance work and making living spaces habitable in line with compliance regulations. 

After 5 years of gathering experience in the trade it became clear that his aspiration went beyond making spaces habitable. He then shifted into his passion, which was to create spaces that people would be proud to live in and call their homes.


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